Money raised

August 19th 2014

Time for a personal post I think! Princess Isabella has been truly amazing over the weekend and this week. On Saturday she did the big fun run in aid of The Isabella Trust and raised over £120 and still counting as money continues to come in. (This is just the amount she has raised!!) She went 4k of the 5k before she needed carrying. On Sunday she was as good as gold at the shop and community room as me and her daddy worked. She tested all of the toys and soft play out to make sure they were safe of course! She continued to test everything out at the shop after nursery yesterday and has been as good as gold for Nanny Sally today whilst mummy and daddy spent the day working and running around for the shop. What a superstar she is! I’m thinking she needs a much deserved trip to the Disney shop for being such a good girl and helping out so much. Xx

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