Evaluation of Eating Difficulties Course – 6.11.14

November 08th 2014

The Eating Difficulties evaluation forms have been processed and I am pleased to say we scored an amazing average of 52.9 out of a possible 55 on the scoring for positive feed back.

Written feed back was that nothing could be improved except for additional heating in the community room (It was cold!!) and some extra video footage.

100% of the attendees felt the knowledge gained would assist them, also 100% of the attendees informed they would recommend the course to other parents, carers and colleagues.

There were a few suggestions about additional courses in the future which I will be looking into.

THANK YOU to everybody who attended. I would also like to thank the Community First Grants for their funding and support to run the course and Cllr Steve Radford and his colleagues Kevin and Hazel who have been a great source of support to The Isabella Trust

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