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November 29th 2014

Letter to all current applicants and future applicants


Dear Parent/Carer

We are writing to inform you that there is now  a sensory processing difficulties (SPD)  pilot project run by Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group and in partnership with ADDvanced Solutions Community Network.

This project has been developed in collaboration with the Neurodevelopmental Pathway. It is a pilot service for children whose difficulty in processing sensory information is having a significant impact on their daily functioning. It will run from November 2014 – March 2015.
This service will offer a range of intervention that is dependent on each child’s individual need and MAY include:

Awareness raising for parents and professionals
Advice and recommendations
Community networking and support
Clinical assessment
Therapy programmes
Sensory-motor strategies
Sensory Integration Therapy from qualified Occupational Therapists

With the development of this new project The Isabella Trust have reviewed their application process and all current applicants and future applicants  are now required to initially access the SPD Pilot Project .

Referral to the SPD Pilot Project is via the following:

Neurodevelopmental pathway
Professional referral
Self referral at designated ADDvanced Solutions drop-in sessions where a trained Occupational Therapist is present.  Dates  and venue for the designated drop-in sessions are:

Tuesday 6th January 15, 12-45 until 3pm at Mere Lane Neighbourhood centre.

Tuesday 24th February 15, 12.45-3pm at Townsend Lane Health Centre.

For further information regarding the SPD Pilot, contact the Children’s Occupational Therapy duty officer on: 0151 225 6062 or ADDvanced Solutions on: 0151 486 1788

Should your referral for a sensory service via the SPD Pilot Project be unsuccessful we at The Isabella Trust review your current application.

Please Note:  All applications will not be considered unless you have tried to access the SPD Pilot Project firstly.

The Isabella Trust was set up in November 2013 due to a lack of services supporting children and young people with SPD, the aim of the trust was to provide access to sensory assessments for children with SPD difficulties.  It is fantastic news that Liverpool has recognised the gap in services for Children with SPD and is developing this service.

The Isabella Trust will continue to provide services for children with SPD but we would not want to duplicate a service that has already been offered to a family or is available through Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group . We would only offer a sensory assessment once the applicant has already explored support from the SPD pilot.

We would strongly advise parent to attend one of the designated  ADDvanced Solutions drop-in sessions where they can make a direct referral to access the services on offer by the SPD pilot.

If you would like to discuss this further please telephone myself on 0151 792 8178

Yours Sincerely

Tracy Bowyer

Service Manger


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