October 22nd 2015

Hi Everybody, just to let you know there will be two workshops  on the 23rd and 30th November. The first on 23rd November looks at  PDA, see overview below:

PDA Work shop

PDA is now becoming more recognised as being part of the spectrum yet it is still very confusing to people. During the day we will look at the criteria and what PDA is, how it differs from autism and what the difficulties are in dealing with children with PDA. We will look at interventions but mainly looking at understanding the behaviour. The session is very interactive so even though we have slides parents can feel free to ask questions and make the information personal to themselves. There will be chances at the break to have a quick chat if people don’t want to ask in front of people.

The second workshop on 30th November is around the function of behaviours, see overview below:

Behaviour workshop

Looking at the function of behaviours Behaviour generally is looked at as being around consequences and rewards – this only works if the child has skills to do what we are asking. In this workshop we will look at how behaviours have a function and by teaching a new way to meet that function we can avoid impacting on the child’s anxiety levels, self esteem and it becomes a more proactive way of working. Often behaviours increase with some interventions as the person does not teach a new skill and so the behaviour you were actually trying to stop gets worse – this is because people haven’t looked at the function of the behaviour. If your fed up of being told that sticker charts are the way forward you may just enjoy this workshop.

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