Webinar – Introduction to Sensory Processing Difficulties

April 20th 2020

Isabella Trust webinar – Introduction to Sensory Processing Difficulties with support from our friends at LivPac.

22nd April 2020, 8pm – 9pm
Delivered by Lisa Hamer from Shine Therapy Services

This is the first of 5 webinars exploring sensory processing difficulties and sensory strategies. Additional webinars will cover the following:
2. Exploring the senses – tactile and proprioception
3. Exploring the senses – auditory and vestibular
4. Exploring the senses – oral difficulties and Interoception
5. Sensory defensiveness

These webinars are free of charge, although we welcome donations to enable us to pay for the trainers time. Please do not feel as if you must donate in order to attend the webinar.

To register please pm us or email us on [email protected]

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