Courses & Workshops

Our short courses and workshops are aimed at all those with an interest in the care and education of children and young people.  They are of particular relevance to parents or guardians, child minders, nursery staff, teachers, SENCOs, teaching assistants and paediatric health care professionals.   We run the following courses:

Sensory Processing Difficulties Course

The aim of the course is to provide attendees with an introduction to sensory processing disorder (SPD). Through interactive and visual learning sessions attendees will get the opportunity to experience and reflect upon the everyday challenges that children and young people with SPD encounter. Further to this, practical support strategies will be explored for both the home and school environments.

On completing the course attendees will be able to begin to distinguish between ‘behaviour’ and the characteristics of SPD.

Sensory Strategies Course

The sensory strategies course will provide a brief over view of sensory processing disorder and some of the characteristics associated with it.  It will then go on to explore in more detail practical support strategies to support children and young people with sensory processing difficulties. 

Parents and carers will complete work sheets encouraging the attendees to think about sensory diet activities and a framework that may support their child with their sensory needs.  On completing the course attendees using the worksheet will identify some of their child’s sensory seeking/ avoiding behaviours and strategies and activities that may support their child within home and community settings?

Eating Difficulties Course

This course explores some of the reasons as to why children experience eating difficulties/”fussy eating” and how all those that care for and support the child can help to increase their confidence, motivation and ultimately the number of different foods that they eat.

Tears, tantrum’s and pain in everyday activities Course

Within this course we take a closer look as to why individuals can find everyday activities such as toothbrushing, hair and nail cutting, dressing and bathing distressing, and in some instances painful. Not only will attendees develop their understanding of such difficulties but they will also leave the course equipped with the holistic strategies and knowledge needed to support and develop their child’s abilities and independence in such tasks.

Toileting Workshop

Within this workshop we have a look at some of the reasons as to why your young person is struggling to become toilet trained and strategies you can use to help them achieve independence.

Praxis Workshop

This workshop takes a closer look at Praxis and what associated difficulties your young person may be experiencing within the home environment. Strategies and interventions will also be explored to ensure you feel more equipped to support and develop such difficulties.



Lets Talk Together 

A course for parent’s, carers and school based practitioners wanting some key skills and knowledge in developing the communication skills of children with social communication needs including Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC).

The course is taught over seven 2hr sessions usually delivered weekly.

The aims are:

  • To share information about normal speech and language development and how children with social communication needs develop their communication skills.
  • To know about the different communication challenges these children have to deal with.
  • To discuss ideas and learn practical strategies to help them learn to listen, understand, talk and interact.
  • To meet other parents and carers.
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